Yıldız Tilbe Concert Tickets

Yıldız Tilbe Concert Tickets

Yıldız Tilbe started his concerts without slowing down. Fans are eagerly waiting for Yıldız Tilbe concerts. If you want to participate in these activities full of fun and music, you are at the right address.

Born in 1966 in Izmir, Yıldız Tilbe sang first in wedding halls and then in nightclubs. She met Sezen Aksu, who came to the club where she worked one night, and came to Istanbul upon her invitation and became her vocalist. He worked in bars in Istanbul for a while and signed with Aydın Oskay and made a very good entry into the music market with his song "Delikanlım" and his album of the same name. She shot her first music video for the song "Delikanlım" with Cenk Torun. Stating that he learned a lesson from every bad event he experienced and that everything related to music gave him great happiness, Tilbe states that his goal is to be an artist who does his job well in the future and that he will make music for as long as he can. Tilbe, who has given lyrics to many famous singers such as Tarkan and Deniz Seki, has somehow managed to stay "different" despite being at the top of the music market, keeping a unique place and balance. Turning this different side of her into energy on stage, Yıldız Tilbe impresses her audience not only with her soul-touching songs, but also with her dances and joy!

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