Toz Tickets

Toz Tickets

This one-woman play by Murat Mahmutyazıcıoğlu, which intersects with many people, will be directed by Hira Tekindor and performed by Zerrin Tekindor.

A girl growing up on the streets of the big city, in front of apartment buildings, when concrete had not yet pierced the sky. The only daughter of a beautiful housewife mother and a meticulous lawyer father: Handan. A young woman who grew up in times when the streets were just as restless as the house she lived in with her parents and found her own way...

Her head and heart are filled with voices; a melody coming from far away, birds, the sound of the rails, the rustle of a joyful gift package, the voices of her mother, father, grandmother, aunt... Then multiple 'cracking' sounds, echoing in the walls of different houses at different times...

By the time we meet Handan as an adult woman, she will already be immersed in a story that stretches back to her childhood. The story of Handan and her mother Feri, who emerges from her memory, is embedded in a narrative that stretches from the 1960s to today.

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