Australian Open Tennis Tickets

Australian Open Tennis Tickets

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The Australian Open was first played in 1905 under the name Australasian Open Tennis Championships with the participation of Commonwealth, Australian, New Zealand and American tennis players. The men's singles final between Arthur Curtis and Rodney Heath was watched by 5,000 people and the tournament was played the following year in Christchurch, New Zealand. New Zealand hosted the tournament again with Hastings in 1912, but when New Zealand left the Australasian Tennis Association in 1922, the tournament was left to Tennis Australia. In 1927, the tournament was renamed The Australian Championships. 1922 was also the season when the women's competition started. Margareth Molesworth won the final against Esna Boyd with sets of 6-3 and 10-8 to claim victory. The tournament, which was not played between 1916-18 and 1941-45 during World War II, opened its doors to professionals with the start of the open era in 1969. After the tournament was held in Sydney in 1971, it was moved to Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, and has been played in this city ever since. The tournament, held for many years at the Kooyong Tennis Club, a boutique club, changed venues in 1988 with the opening of Melbourne Park, a massive tennis complex. The tournament, which was not played in 1986 because of construction of the facility, moved to the first month of the calendar beginning in January 1987. From 1977-85, the Australian Open was played in December as the last grand slam tournament of the season.

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