Europa League Football Tickets

Europa League Football Tickets

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Today, the Europa League has been organized since 1971 and is one of the most important football tournaments in Europe. The tournament, which was first established in 1955 under the name Fair Cities Cup, was a cup open to the teams of cities with commercial fairs. The status of the cup changed before the 1971-72 season and its name became the Europa League Cup. Tottenham Hotspur, who defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers in the first season played with the new name, took the first trophy to his museum. Having reached the happy ending five times, Sevilla was the team that won the cup the most. Galatasaray, one of our representatives, completed the trophy as champion under Fatih Terim in 2000. Spanish teams are the most successful teams in the tournament by having 10 championships. Henrik Larsson is the top scorer of the tournament with 40 goals. Giuseppe Bergomi is the player who participated most in the tournament with 96 games played. The rule of the participation of only one team from the same city, which continued with the Fair Cities Cup tradition, was abolished at the request of Everton, who was not included in the cup although he had the right to join the cup with Liverpool in 1975. The status changed once again in 1999 and the Europa League Cup Winners' Cup was incorporated into the Europa League Cup. Following this season pass, the national champions were entitled to participate in the European Cup. However, the teams that took the third place in the Champions League group struggles also got the right to participate in the Europa League Cup. The Europa League Cup has changed status before the 2009-10 season and has been renamed the Europa League. The number of teams participating from the countries is determined by the countries ranking. According to the rankings, clubs participate in the tournament from the qualifying or group stage corresponding to the degrees in their national league.  Champions League 3. 33 teams, including 10 teams participating and eliminated in the preliminary qualification, 10 teams participating in the Champions League play-off qualifiers and 8 teams taking the 3rd place in case of the completion of the matches in the Champions League groups, Europa League ' what makes the transition. Additionally, each season, the three national federations with the highest Fair Play scores send one additional team to the Europa League.

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