Rugby Tickets

Rugby Tickets

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Rugby is a team game between two teams where a ball is controlled with hands and feet to score points. With a different style of play compared to football, rugby is played in two halves with teams of 15 players each. It is a rough sport in which forward passing is prohibited and the aim is to carry the ball behind the opponent's goal line by hand.

Originating in the United Kingdom, rugby later spread to the British colonies, increasing its popularity. It is a very popular sport in Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Ireland, Ireland, South Africa, Scotland and Fiji. The game of rugby was first played in the early 19th century at Rugby School in Rugby, England, where there was no restriction on the number of players in the early days. In 1823, William Webb Ellis, a student at the school, scored with his hand while playing football, which is considered to be the founding of today's rugby. In 1845, the Rugby School put the rules of rugby in writing for the first time.

In a short time, rugby increased its popularity and due to the increasing number of clubs, a union was established under the name of "Rugby Union" and rules about rugby were started to be determined. In 1895, a group that left the Rugby Union developed a rugby game with different rules called "Rugby League". Today, the sport of rugby operates under these two rules.

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