Gökhan Özen Tickets

Gökhan Özen Tickets

Gökhan Özen was born on November 29, 1979 in Ankara, the last child of a family of four. His first name, Ahmet, is the name of his grandfather. At the age of 6, he passed the exams for the Ankara State Opera and Ballet Children's Choir and started his first music education in the polyphonic choir. For 3 years, he performed world-class opera works on stage with the choir many times both in Turkey and abroad. She also received training at Ankara Radio. Her mother Tülay Nadire Özen is from Ankara and is an archaeologist. His father Osman Nuri Özen is from Trabzon and is a mechanical engineer. His older brother Özgehan Özen, a city and regional planning graduate, teaches students at METU.Ahmet Gökhan Özen is a Turkish singer-songwriter, actor, arranger, music director, producer and former radio/TV programmer. He is known for his radio programming in the late 1990s and for songs such as "Aramazsan Arama" and "Tabir-i Caizse" from his album Duman Gözlüm (My Smoke Eyes) in the early 2000s. He is responsible for the lyrics, music and arrangements of many of the songs in his albums. He also plays instruments such as guitar and piano.

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