Turkish Super League Football Tickets

Turkish Super League Football Tickets

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Spor Toto Super League, which was founded in 1959 and took its name and continues with the same enthusiasm and excitement until today, was organized under the name of Turkey Football Championship from 1294 to 1951. The adventure continued with the professional leagues established in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, followed by the establishment of the Federation Cup to determine the team from Turkey that would participate in the 1956-57 and 1957-58 seasons of the Champion Clubs Cup. The efforts for the establishment of a national league yielded results in 1959 and the National League, as it was called at the time, realized its first season with the participation of the teams that finished in the first 8 places in the Istanbul Professional League, the teams that finished in the first 4 places in the Ankara Professional League and the teams that finished in the first 4 places in the Izmir Professional League, and it has become the biggest interest of football fans in our country with various changes until today. In the remaining 60 seasons, a total of 5 teams shared the championship. Galatasaray 23 times, Fenerbahçe 19 times, Beşiktaş 16 times, Trabzonspor 7 times, Bursaspor 1 time and Başakşehir FK 1 time. Fenerbahçe was the first champion of our league. With the Federation Cup championship won by Beşiktaş in the 1956-57 and 1957-58 seasons being counted as the Turkish League championship, the total number of championships is 2 more than the total number of league seasons. Özcan Altuğ of Izmirspor, the first player to find the net for the first time, pioneered this long adventure. The first top scorer of our league was Galatasaray legend Metin Oktay, who scored 11 goals in the 1959 season, and our first foreign top scorer was Tarık Hoçiç, who scored 16 goals for Galatasaray in the 1983-1984 season. The highest scoring match in our league was the 1991-1992 season match between Fenerbahçe and Gaziantepspor, which ended with an 8-4 Fenerbahçe victory. The champion with the most points is Fenerbahçe with 93 points in the 1988-89 season. Trabzonspor, on the other hand, collected the fewest points with 39 points in the 1979-90 and 1980-81 seasons. Our league, which continues today under the name Spor Toto Super League, consists of 18 teams. Spor Toto Super League starts in August and ends in May. Each team plays each of its opponents twice during a season, home and away. Thus, each team plays 38 matches in a season and a total of 380 matches are played in the league. Three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a defeat. In case of a tie on points, the superiority in points obtained in the matches played between the teams in which the tie occurred is taken into account. In case of a tie, the overall average, the number of goals scored and the number of forfeit defeats are evaluated. The team that takes the first place at the end of the league will be the champion, while the teams that finish in the last 3 places will be relegated to the 1st League and the 3 teams that competed in the last season in the 1st League will take part in the Super League next season.

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