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The Weekend is a Canadian artist born in 1990, known for his songs about sex and drugs. His mother and grandmother immigrated to Canada from Africa in the 1980s. Dropping out of school during high school, The Weekend took a job at the American Apparel and began writing songs about obscene subjects. Meeting producer Jeremy Rose led to the release of three of his songs, "The Morning", "Loft Music" and "What You Need", which they shared on YouTube. After the songs were published on Drake's blog, their popularity began to skyrocket.

With more recording opportunities thanks to Drake sharing it, The Weekend released a nine-track mixtape in 2011. He made his debut at a nightclub in Turin, and then released two more mixtapes.

He signed a deal with Republic Records in 2012 and re-edited his previous songs and released his Trilogy album. Trilogy became one of the best sellers in the country.

The Weekend started working with a record label and their partnership gave him the opportunity to duet with Ariana Grande. "Love Me Harder" was one of the top 10 songs released in 2014. His subsequent releases of "Earned It", "The Hills" and "Can't Feel My Face" helped him grow his audience and won the best artist of the year in Canada twice in a row.

The Weekend started his concerts without slowing down. Fans are eagerly waiting for The Weekend concerts. If you want to participate in these activities full of fun and music, you are at the right address.

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