Euroleague Tickets

Euroleague Tickets

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Turkish Airlines Euroleague, as it is known today, is the highest-level inter-club professional basketball tournament in Europe, organized by Euroleague Basketball since 2000. Turkish Airlines Euroleague has replaced the FIBA ​​Euroleague tournament, which has been held since 1958, starting in 2000. Turkish Airlines Euroleague is one of the most popular indoor sports leagues in the world. It is the second basketball organization with the highest audience average after the NBA audience average. With the merger of FIBA ​​SuproLeague and Euroleague in 2001, the organizations continued under the name Euroleague under one roof. In 2010, sponsored by Turkish Airlines, the tournament was renamed Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Sixteen teams play two matches, both inside and outside, and the teams that finish the league in the first eight qualify for playoffs. Play-offs are played over five matches and the team with three wins goes to the four finals. The four finals are played among the four teams remaining in a predetermined city. The teams eliminated in the semifinal run third among themselves and the teams that make it to the finals compete for the championship. The team that participated most in the four finals is Panathinaikos with 11 entries. The country with the highest attendance in the four finals is Spain with 33 entries. The team that won the Euroleague the most was Real Madrid with 10 championships. The top scorer in Euroleague history is Juan Carlos Navarro, who played in Barcelona. The coach who won the Euroleague the most was the coach of Fenerbahçe, Zeljko Obradovic. Obradovic won the Euroleague 9 times: Partizan, Badalona, ​​Real Madrid, Panathinaikos (5), Fenerbahçe. The champion of the 2017-2018 season is Real Madrid.

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