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At the age of 19, Crystêle moved out of her family home and into her own apartment in Paris. She changed her stage name to Emma when she was in the band. The difficulties of living in a big city became one of Emma's biggest problems as much as anyone else's. She worked many irregular jobs to make ends meet. But this didn't bother Emma too much. Now that she had gained her independence, she could resume her studies as a musician. Indeed, she soon began taking music lessons from teachers at the Paris Conservatoire.

Emma Shapplin, who brought her voice back to professional standards with training, made her first demo recording. Thanks to a friend of a friend, she was able to play this recording to the famous French musician Jean-Patrick Capdevielle. Capdevielle was very impressed by Emma's voice. He, just like Emma, was passionate about opera. Capdevielle offered Emma the opportunity to write lyrics for an album and thus began their working relationship. Capdevielle and Emma discussed the genre of music for this first album and made test recordings. Finally, they decided that the genre of this first album would be classical music.

Jean-Patrick Capdevielle, with the help of his son Jonathan, immediately set about writing lyrics. Capdevielle wrote nine lyrics for Emma's debut album. Emma also contributed to four of them. These lyrics, written in French, were later translated into Latin by a medieval historian. The arrangement of the album was based on the albums of 19th century Italian composers from Donizetti to Bellini. Emma Shapplin's debut album Carmine Meo was released towards the end of 1997.

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