St. Patrick's Festival Tickets

St. Patrick's Festival Tickets

Established by the Irish Government in November 1995, the Irish St. Patrick's Festival is a major tourist attraction that aims to showcase a modern and creative Ireland, and has since evolved into a multi-day celebration that takes place on and around March 17 each year. The main aim of the festival was to "develop around the national holiday a major annual international event of which the 'owners' of the festival - the Irish people - would be proud." On 17 March, we welcomed half a million people to the streets of Dublin for our largest ever St Patrick's Day parade. With over 4,000 participants from around the world, Dublin City was the epicentre of Irish celebrations, a true reflection of the ever-expanding spectrum of Irish identity and culture. For the first time, we saw giant snakes and dragons appear around Dublin as part of our sun! The program invites visitors to see Dublin's buildings and streets from a new perspective. Enjoy the best of Irish music, street theatre, recitals, poetry, street theatre, circus, food and drink and more in the National Museum of Ireland's St Patrick's Festival District. Events have attracted residents and visitors from all over Dublin Festival as part of our One City program, which includes everything from walking tours and workshops to exhibitions.

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