Roland Garros Tennis Tickets

Roland Garros Tennis Tickets

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The French Open Tennis Tournament, originally known as the Roland Garros Tournament, is the second of the four world Grand Slam tennis tournaments held annually in May at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris. The French Open is played on clay and was first held in 1891, chronologically following the other Grand Slam tournament, the Australian Open.

The Roland Garros Tennis Tournament is named after a World War I pilot, the tournament starts in the 3rd week of May each year and lasts 2 weeks, like all Grand Slam Tournaments. The French Open is the only Grand Slam Tournament played on a clay court, due to the characteristics of a clay court, the ball travels slower than on other types of courts, which has made the tournament famous for long matches and long rallies.

The tournament was first organized nationally in 1891 under the name "French Championship". Until 1897, the tournament was only open to men's players, but in 1897 the women's category was added, and in 1902 mixed doubles and in 1907 women's doubles were added, expanding the tournament's events. Since 1925, the tournament has been contested by international participants and has survived to the present day.

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