Megan Moroney Concert Tickets

Megan Moroney Concert Tickets

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Megan Ann Moroney is an American music singer born October 9, 1997. Her debut single "Tennessee Orange" entered the charts in 2022. Megan Moroney was born in Savannah, Georgia. She began listening to music as a child and learned to play the piano, while attending the University of Georgia she opened for Chace Rice and Kristian Bush of Sugurland at a concert and began to gain attention. After completing her studies, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2020 to start her music career.

Megan Moroney released her first single "Wonder" in 2021, followed by an extended play called Pistol Made Of Roses, her next single was the Bush-produced "Tennessee Orande" in 2022. In late 2022, "Tennessee Orange" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 94, giving Megan Moroney her first chart entry.

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