Aşık Shakespeare Tickets

Aşık Shakespeare Tickets

Shakespeare in Love attracts attention with its energy, comedy and romance, with sold-out performances in every country where it has been staged. 70 people, 40 on stage and 30 backstage. Starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu (William Shakespeare) and Nezaket Erden (viola), Shakespeare in Love, produced in collaboration with Çolpan İlhan and Sadri Alışık Theater, Piu Entertainment and Zorlu PSM, can be seen at Zorlu PSM Turkcell stage throughout the season.     Interpreted as a bold love letter to theater, Shakespeare in Love's eye-catching production, special costumes, impressive dances and original music come together to reveal the unity and boundlessness of theater. Reflecting the astonishing atmosphere of the performance, the songs are performed live on stage by musician Gülinler and the special orchestra created for the performance.

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