MillionFest Tickets

MillionFest Tickets

Organized since 2014, MillionFest continues from where it left off this year. Bringing entertainment lovers together, MilyonFest makes you feel the fun to the bottom with successful Artists this year. Buy your ticket not to miss the MillionFest to be held at Kilyos Milyon Beach and experience the fun to the bottom.

MillionFest, which will be held between July 6-7-8-9, will feature successful artists such as "Cem adrian, Gazapizm, Athena, Pinhani, Seksendört, Mavigri, Old Uncle, Güneş, Gökçe, Dedublüman, Fatma Turgut" this year. If you want to have fun to the bottom, buy your MillionFest ticket now and be a partner in this fun.

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