Scottish Premiership Football Tickets

Scottish Premiership Football Tickets

At the time when football began to be played professionally in Scotland, there were only two divisions in Scottish football (Scottish Division 1 and Division 2 Scottish). Scottish leagues in the mid-70s; The Premier League is divided into three as the Scottish 1st Division and the Scottish 2nd Division. In the mid-90s, the Scottish 3rd League was established in Scotland.

In 1998, teams in the Premier League; In 1992, as some English teams did, left the Scottish Football League and established the Scottish Premier League. establishment of the Scottish Premier League; they whipped Scottish teams and Scottish teams started to earn more from the league. In order for the teams to earn money from the league, the sponsor of the league gives an equal amount of money to the teams at the end of each season.

There were 10 teams in the SPL when it was first established, but at the beginning of the 2000-2001 season this number increased to 12 and the increase in the number of clubs in the league from 10 to 12 was also approved by the teams in the Scottish 1st Division. After this decision, a new system was developed to prevent 44-week matches from being played in the Scottish 1st League. Consequently; After the match is played for 33 weeks (1 game inside, 2 games outside or vice versa), the clubs are divided into two groups and the teams play matches for five weeks in each group. Thus, the teams have played 38 games in a season.

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