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Seksendört Concert Tickets

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Seksendört 08 August 2024 Balıkesir Concert Tickets

Ayvalık Amfi Tiyatro, Balıkesir

Thursday, August 8, 2024, 21:00

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Founded in 1999, the music group "Seksendört" was originally called Sex and Dirt. When they started their music life, they were first arranging and singing the songs of foreign bands. Later they made Turkish compositions and arrangements. In 2004, Umut Dal, one of the band members, left the band and İsmail Okan Özen joined the band and the band took its final form and continued in the same way from 2004 to the present day without ever disbanding. The group distributed the demo tracks they prepared for free at first, and in 2005 they became well known with their first studio album, "Seksendört", named after themselves.

In 2011, with their third album "Akıyor Zaman" (Flowing Time), they won the "Group of the Year" award at the Turkey Music Awards in 2012. They continued their debut with their most popular tracks "Kendime Yalan Söyledim, Anlayamazsın, Hayır Olamaz, Son Mektup".

Group members Tuna Velibaşoğlu, Serter Karadeniz, İsmail Okan Özen and Arif Erdem announced in January 2020 that the group decided to disband, but the group came together again in 2022 and continues its active music life.

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