Boris Brejcha Concert Tickets

Boris Brejcha Concert Tickets

Boris Brejcha is a German DJ and record producer. Concentrating on the minimal techno genre, Brejcha wears a Venetian Carnival mask during her performances. Brejcha, who drew a completely different path for himself and established his own genre because he could not put his musical understanding or style in any mold, calls this "Minimal Techno". One of the most sought-after names in club music today, the musician draws attention in the music world with his unprecedented style. Described as a genius by many music authorities, Brejcha's works based on the elements of electro music include clunky beats and small ambient pieces. Beginning to be called an "extraordinary talent" by music critics in 2007, Boris Brejcha made a splash in the music market with his two recordings, "Monster" and "Yellow Kitchen", in 2006.

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