Eurovision 2024 Tickets

Eurovision 2024 Tickets

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Eurovision is a cultural exchange singing contest in which dozens of countries compete for first place every year. In the concept of the contest, each participating country chooses a song to be performed live to the public via television and radio, and scores the songs of countries other than itself to determine the most popular song in the contest. Since its inception in 1956, the contest has been held every year without interruption except for the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, making it one of the longest-running television programs in the world. In addition, it is one of the most-watched non-sporting international events, with ratings in recent years ranging from 100 million to 600 million viewers. In addition to Europe and other participating countries, Eurovision is also broadcast in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, China, the Philippines, South Korea, India, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Japan, Suriname, Thailand, Taiwan, Jordan, New Zealand, the United States of America. In the past years, Ukraine (Kalush Orkestra-Stefania), Italy (Maneskin-Zitti e buoni), the Netherlands (Duncan Laurance - Arcade) and Israel (Netta Barzilai-Toy) have won the contest.

According to Eurovision tradition, Sweden won the right to host the contest by winning the previous contest.  The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest is the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö, Sweden, as Loreenand's song "Tattoo" won the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. Sweden last hosted the contest in 2016. The semi-finals of the contest will be held on May 7 and 9 and the final will be held on May 11, 2024 at Malmö Arena.

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