Adamlar Concert Tickets

Adamlar Concert Tickets

Adamlar is a rock band formed in 2014, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Tolga Akdoğan, guitarist Gürhan Öğütücü , bass guitarist Berat İşçioğlu and drummer Berkan Tilavel. Tolga Akdoğan first started to produce music as a side project under the name "Adamlar". Then he decided to continue his career under this name. The album process started with the idea of collecting the songs in an album. And as a result of the changes during the album recording process, the band members were determined. The lineup was completed with Tolga Akdoğan, Berkan Tilavel, Burak Güngörmüş, Gürhan Öğütücü and Burak Irmak, who came later. In September 2014, they released their first album, "My Old Friend Tankla Gelmiş". This album, which has fun lyrics and music in terms of style, attracted a lot of attention during the tour. In October 2016, their second album "Rüyalarda Buruşmuşuz" was released. In August 2018, the single "Hikaye" was released with its music video. On April 12, 2019, their third album Dünya Günlükleri was released, including this song. In June 2021, their cover of Sezen Aksu's "Küçüğüm" was released with its music video, archived at the Wayback Machine on August 26, 2021.

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