Theatre and More Tickets

Theatre and More Tickets

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Theater is a show prepared for the purpose of displaying emotions and events on a stage in front of the audience. The word theater is derived from "theatron", which means "place of spectacle" in Greek, and has passed our language from the word "teatro" in Italian. At the root of the theater, which was born from religious ceremonies, the effort of the primitive man to symbolically represent the natural events with body movements lies. The history of the contemporary theater is based on religious ceremonies held in the name of Dionysos, the god of vintage in ancient Greece. The theater, which started to be played in squares called "agora" in ancient Greece, was staged on a set at that time, and the audience would be gathered and watched as a ring around them. After the games started to attract attention, big steps with steps called “amphitheatron” started to be made. Aspendos Ancient Theater from Antalya is one of these scenes. Since the theater had no literature in the old days, the actors improvised. With the Renaissance, the interest in theater started to increase and theater became widespread in Europe. Until the Tanzimat period in Turkish society, there were demonstrations such as puppets, meddah, Karagöz, middle play and village watching. The first work of the Turkish theater was "Poetry Marriage", a one-act comedy written by Şinasi in 1860. Güllü Agop founded the first local theater group in our country. In the Ottoman period, works by poets and writers such as Namık Kemal, Abdülhak Hamid, Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem, some Moliere adaptations, laugh and vaudeville translations, cantons and musical plays were staged. The period of the Republic of Turkey adopting the Western model in the theater, the theater has made great strides in the famous theater and film thanks to Muhsin Ertuğrul man.

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