Kel Diva Theater Tickets

Kel Diva Theater Tickets

An English bourgeois family, living room with English armchairs. An English evening. In the midst of destruction, Mr. and Mrs. Smith will welcome Mr. and Mrs. Martin into their home with the last shreds of Englishness they have left. So what's the Fire Chief doing on Maid Mary's stool when there's not even the beginnings of a beginning in the house? If they're around London, who's driving us mad? What's so alienating? What time will the Diva, our reality, arrive? Who's coming to keep this mess going? Let's not try to know. Let's leave everything as it is. (is it?)Isn't this play, in which abstraction and absurdism blend perfectly from Eugène Ionesco's extraordinary pen, at the play workshop this season under the title Bald Diva?,

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