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The Prodigy was formed in Essex, England in 1989 by Liam Howlett under the name "Moog Prodigy". In 1991, it changed its name to "The Prodigy" and is an electronic music group that has proven itself worldwide with songs such as "Firestarter".

The sales figures of the album "The Fat of the Land" made the band the only British music group after the Beatles, Spice Girls and Radiohead to receive a multi-platinum record for a single album. Although their music has been called "jungle", "breakbeat", "big beat", etc., The Prodigy has never made a fixed genre of music and managed to surprise the rave world and their fans. This music made by the band's mastermind Liam Howlett influenced the whole world in the 1990s. According to many rave authorities, Liam Howlett was recognized as the greatest electronic music genius after Robert Moog, the founder of electronic music, and Brian Eno, its developer.

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