Tomorrowland Festival Tickets

Tomorrowland Festival Tickets

Tomorrowland, the electronic and EDM music festival that has brought together hundreds of thousands of music lovers from all over the world for 5 years in Belgium and has given them an unforgettable experience that they will never forget, has started.

When it was held for the first time in Boom, Belgium in 2005, Tomorrowland has been turning into one of the most crowded, entertaining, successful and crazy music festivals in the world from a free-of-charge festival, opening the doors of a utopia to its participants for exactly 15 years.

Tomorrowland, which is shown at the top of the list of the most prestigious electronic and EDM music festivals ever, brings together more than 180 thousand music lovers and dozens of world-famous DJs in a huge green area for two weeks in a row every year. Within the boundaries of Boom, farmland rented from more than 20 different farmers is turned into the home and unforgettable experience area for festival participants from all over the world for 5 days. As soon as the tickets go on sale, approximately 2 million people rushing to the site consume the maximum capacity of 180 thousand tickets within minutes. This year, the festival, which spans two weekends over three days, 19-21 July and 26-28 July each, has 16 stages. Among the names who will perform on these stages are Tiesto, Amelie Lens, Seteve Aoki, David Guetta, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren and Loco Dice, who are considered legends of EDM music. There are so many names that will appear on the stage that it may take you more than an hour to even enter the site and count. There are exactly 399 different names in 6 days we counted... Giants of techno and electronic music Solomun, Damian Lazarus, Guy Gerber, Black Coffee, Nina Kraviz, Maceoplex, Pan Pot and Tale of Us are just some of the artists who will take the stage.

It is possible to find everything that comes to your mind, from small versions of Michelin-starred restaurants, to the pool, hairdresser, playgrounds, scenes on the water, to the library, in this temple of music, which has turned into a full-fledged city for 3 days. As in all major festivals, the first question of "accommodation" that comes to mind is solved in an organized manner by the festival team, which has become an expert in the business for 15 years. Participants are free to choose one of the different accommodation packages when purchasing their tickets. In the huge grassy area called DreamVille, it is possible to bring your own camping equipment and set up camp in the place reserved for you, set up in a tent prepared for you, and even if you are a large group of 10 people, you can ensure that you will be together. The festival is beautiful, but for those who say they can't feel comfortable in a tent, it is possible to rent bungalows of different sizes, wooden cabins, big tents that will not look like home under the name of glamping, and even private rooms for 2 to 4 people in the festival area at the top of the luxury category. Even if you say that you will stay in the hotels nearby and come and go to the festival every day, the choice is still up to you, but we recommend you not to waste your time on the way in a festival with such a busy schedule.

The demand for the world's loudest festival, which was postponed last year due to the pandemic crisis, has accumulated unbelievably this year.

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