Celtic FC Tickets

Celtic FC Tickets

Celtic Football Club is one of Scotland's two leading football teams. Playing their games at the Celtic Park stadium with a capacity of 60,830, Celtic has green and white colors.

There is an eternal rivalry between Celtic, the city of Glasgow's team, and the Rangers in the east of the city. There are sectarian and political reasons behind the eternal rivalry between Celtic and Rangers. Celtic supporters are Catholic, while Rangers supporters are Protestant. In addition, Rangers supporters favor the continuation of Scotland's current status, where it has its own government and assembly, but is dependent on the United Kingdom for state organization; Celtic supporters are in favor of Scotland becoming a fully independent republic. For these sectarian and political reasons, the distinction between the supporters of the two clubs is very sharp and it is almost impossible to find both Celtic and Rangers supporters in the same family in Scotland. Celtic-Rangers derbies are perceived as far beyond a football match because of their sectarian and political meanings.

Celtic FC also made history as the first team to bring the European Champion Clubs' Cup to Britain. In addition, Celtic is the football team with the most grandstand potential in Britain after Manchester United.

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