Hearts FC Tickets

Hearts FC Tickets

Hearts was founded in 1874 for football purposes. It is named after a dance floor called the Heart of Midlothian Dance Hall. This name is the title of a work by Walter Scott, one of the poets of that period. The team was going to start working after finding its father, but there was no field to play and materials to use. The first captain of the team, Tom Purdie, suggested that the dance floor, after which the team is named, should be used as the field and the material warehouse there as documents. It was accepted and the team started to participate in the leagues in 1876.

Jambos have a long and deep-rooted history. The best periods in their history were 1894 - 1909 with 4 Scottish Cups. During this period, they also managed to stay in the top three in the League. Hearts, who could not win a cup for a long time after this period, broke this fast by winning the league in 1954. It also managed to lift this trophy once again from this year to 1963. However, after these successes, all Scottish teams, including Hearts, suffered a decline as English clubs tied all Scottish stars to their colors as a result of the financial boom. In the mid-seventies, when the federation brought a transfer restriction, the success rate of these clubs increased again. After winning the league once again, Hearts finished the league in third and fourth place until 2005. In 2005, in the Europa Cup, which he participated for the third time, he finished the group last and was eliminated, but also came second in the league.

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