The last derby of the season in the Super Lig: Besiktas – Fenerbahce!

05 Jun 2022 biletwise
The last derby of the season in the Super Lig: Besiktas – Fenerbahce!

In the 36th week of the Super Lig, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe will go head-to-head at Vodafone Park. This derby is a prestige match after Trabzonspor have claimed the championship title 3 weeks before the end of the season, but it is still important for the two teams to close the season on a happy note.


This derby, which brings the two sides of Istanbul together, isn't only a prestige match. Both sides have their own agendas. Beşiktaş want to compete in the European cups next season, while Fenerbahçe want to hold second place in the standings and compete in the Champions League, even if it means having to pass the qualifying rounds.


As the last derby of the season approaches, Beşiktaş fans show great interest in tickets. The tickets have attracted a great deal of demand as soon as they go on sale. It seems like they will be sold out by the match time. While Çarşı, the world-famous fan group of the Black Eagles, are preparing a flag show for this match, Fenerbahçe will make their last training session before the derby open to their fans, at their stadium.


The match between the two teams in the first half of the Super League ended in a 2-2 draw. However, the level of football played on the field was a pleasure to watch for the audience.


Ahead of the match, both sides have some missing or out of the squad players. In Beşiktaş, Vida went to his country due to his father's illness. Suspended players Rosier with a yellow card and Montero with a red card won't play in this match. The situation of Can Bozdoğan remains unclear. In Fenerbahçe, on the other hand, important names such as Szalai, Pelkas, and Crespo will be missing.


Two great teams of Istanbul, which have failed to meet the expectations this season and lost the title to Trabzonspor after 38 years, will meet in this match, attracting interest from all over Turkey. We recommend you watch it live from the stands if you have the opportunity.

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