Real Madrid, The Greatest of Europe

31 May 2022 biletwise
Real Madrid, The Greatest of Europe

The winners of the UEFA European Champions League are Real Madrid, which beat Liverpool 1-0 in the final and claimed the Champions League title for the 14th time after winning La Liga, as well.


The final, which took place in Paris, has many stories of chaos to tell. The slowdown strike of the metro workers delayed the access of the fans to the stadium. For this reason and some security gap problems, the game started with a 36-minute delay. Although UEFA is blamed for the organisational scandal, an in-depth look shows us that the French government has failed the test. The opening ceremony was magnificent as always, but the delayed kick-off due to the chaos shadowed everything.


If we look at the 90-minute fight, we see that the dominant gameplay of Liverpool gave quite a hard time to Real Madrid, especially in the first thirty minutes. The outstanding performance of the Real Madrid keeper Courtois is perhaps one of the most important factors that brought the cup to Real Madrid. This is the 14th Champions League title of Real Madrid, and their closest rivals are the Italian giants, AC Milan with 7 cups.  In every match leading to the final, Real Madrid proved that they are a Champions League team through and through, and this final battle wasn’t an exception.  The Spanish giants lulled Liverpool to sleep for a minute, then made it 1-0 and turned the game in their favour. 


Next season, in the 100th year of the Turkish Republic, the final match of the Champions League will be played in Istanbul. The excitement for the greatest organisation involving the football clubs, which will be held in Atatürk Olympic Stadium, has already started. After the delayed kick-off time disaster in Paris, Turkey aims to host the organisation without any problems to mar the thrill of the final match.


We don’t know which teams will play the final match next season, but it will be the first time that the excitement of the league of the giants will be repeated in Istanbul after 2005.

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