Premier League starts again after a 1-week pause!

01 Jan 1970 biletwise
Premier League starts again after a 1-week pause!

In the 8th week of the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur welcome Leicester City on Saturday.


The Premier League, which was postponed last week to show respect to the passing of Queen Elizabeth, will resume after a week of pause. Tottenham, who competed in the Champions League action in midweek, returned home from Sporting Lisbon away match with a shocking 2-0 that came at the last minute of the clash. When we analyse the football played on the field, we can see that Tottenham didn’t have much of a presence throughout the game and had difficulty resisting the fast attacks of Sporting. On the other hand, if we look at the situation of Leicester City in the league, we see a team that have yet to meet with a victory. It seems like they have anchored to the bottom of the top flight. Leicester City were the miracle team of the league a few seasons ago. Those days aren’t too far away, and their current situation must be unexpected for football lovers.


When we look at the encounters between the two sides, we see that Tottenham won the last seven of nine Premier League matches against Leicester. In this fight, the home team will be on the field to achieve a four-game winning streak against their opponents for the first time. Tottenham's striker, Harry Kane, will once again play against the opponents he chalked up the highest number of goals in his professional career with 19 goals. This is an incredible record for him.


We can’t diagnose the problem Leicester City have been experiencing, but when we look at the league matches they played, we see a team that can’t protect the score after they take the lead of the game. This season, they lost 8 points in the games in which they took the lead at first. In the statistics regarding this, they sit at the top of the league. The sum of the points the team lost in the matches in which they forged ahead at first and then lost the advantage is 24 in 2022. Unbelievable!


The recent meetings between Tottenham and Leicester City had many goals and positions. Considering that the Spurs have taken the league by storm this season, we can say that they will start the game with domineering pressure. This week, this clash is one of the best matches in the Premier League. Hope you don't miss it.

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