Fatih Terim - A Success Story

05 Feb 2020 biletwise
A Success Story

In Italy "Grande" in Turkey "Emperor" Terim Fatih Terim Metin Oktay Talat its name ... 'I entrusted my son text' after living in Turkish football, Galatasaray and Fatih Terim's greatest legends to life we will look at this article.

Born on September 4, 1953 in Adana, Fatih Terim started football in Ceyhanspor. Success soon fill eye young Fatih Turkey live in the joy of the championship 2. league 1.Liga and Adana last game was noteworthy that Demirspor'l exhibit. Fatih Terim, who transferred to Galatasaray in his next season, was taking the step to become a legend by wearing the Galatasaray jersey until he quit football (1985).
Turkey national under the age of 19 seven times, 10 times in the six-team field in the 21 years Fatih Terim had been with the team the full 51 national game. He scored 2 goals in the career of the national team.

Fatih Terim, who left the seat of Brian Birch, who left MKG Ankaragücü in September 1987, started his career as a coach for the first time. Zonguldakspor and the first rumma match, the nose of the manager met with a score of 1-0.
The team, which struggled to stay in the cluster in its first season, was successful in the cluster and MKE Ankaragücü finished the league in the 13th place. In addition, following the same season Ankaragucu, Turkey Cup fourth round before the quarter-finals by beating Galatasaray in two games and he was also going to the semifinals Cup of the season has been eliminated due to Samsunspor away goals rule. After this performance, Fatih TERİM stayed in Ankaragücü in the 1988-89 Season, while Fatih TERİM left the team at the end of the season while finishing the league in the 6th place.

Experienced coach who ran Göztepe from the 2nd league teams in the 1989-90 season for a short time, managed to get a draw in eight matches in nine matches. In February, the National Team staff, including Turkey, though, after explaining the more technical guy would not leave the Göztepesi on 4 April 1990, he submitted his resignation to Göztepesi to focus on the task in the national team. Although Göztepe did not win the championship, he finished the league in the 2nd place.
Terim, Turkey hopes when the national team's assistant in Pionek Sepp undertook the task of coaching the national team. In 1990, the match was drawn with Romania for the first time, and for the first time, it was the field of hope for the national team.
In 1991 Mediterranean Games in Turkey took place at the beginning of the Under-21 national team. Hopeful nations, who finished the group as the leader, defeated Morocco in the semi-finals but went to the finals in Greece, but hopeful nations lost to Greece in the final.
The Olympic national team, which participated in the Mediterranean Games held in 1993, is the leader of the group with Zidane France. The national team, which defeated France once again in the semi-final, also won the gold medal by defeating Algeria in the final. This success was the first trophy success of the technical man.

Fatih Terim A managed to qualify for the semi-finals in Euro 2008 under the national team coach and announced the slogan "It is not over before we say it is over". In the tournament, which was called the tournament with incredible comebacks, our team was eliminated upright in Germany despite many shortcomings in the semi-final. In 2016, when the nationals participating in the France European Football Championship failed, the national team started cracking and Fatih Terim resigned from his post.

In Italy, the experienced technician who worked in Fiorentina and Milan respectively won the nickname "Grande" in Italy and managed to become an emperor among the Italian fans. at the request of the Milan Ancelotti's team comes time for Fatih Terim's farewell was taking place in Milan's return from Turkey.

As Galatasaray has to open a separate bracket for his career, the experienced technical man who has left behind at the very beginning is going to the history as the champion who has been the champion in the league history for four consecutive years at the beginning of Galatasaray. In 2000, he was able to topple Arsenal in the final in the tournament, which is now the second largest organization across Europe, now called "Uefa European Cup", then "Uefa Cup".
Galatasaray legend, which achieved 8 championship successes in Galatasaray 8 times in a total of 9 seasons, was 8 points behind Başakşehir in the 2018-2019 season, "What do you think about the eight point difference?" He created a new slogan for Galatasaray by saying "Eight also closes and eighteen" to his question and a week before the end of the league, he defeated Başakşehir in his own home and carried Galatasaray to the championship for the 22nd time.

Working with many star names in his career, Fatih TERİM managed to become a father figure for Galatasaray. The cups of Fatih TERİM, who won a total of 21 trophies with Galatasaray, are;

UEFA Cup (1)
Super League Championship (8)
Turkey Cup (3)
TFF Super Cup (5)
TSYD Cup (3)
Emirates Cup (1)

The moments when the experienced name Galatasaray fans said "We are with you until death" signed a new 5-year contract with Galatasaray during the championship celebrations last season and managed to double the happiness of the fans.

We wish health and success to Fatih Terim, who is the coach of dozens of new names who have participated in Turkish football in a story stretching from Adana to Galatasaray ...