Carl Cox... A phenomenon for the entertainment world

01 Mar 2022 biletwise
Carl Cox... A phenomenon for the entertainment world

Carl Cox... A phenomenon for the entertainment scene. Passionate with his sympathetic demeanor, Carl Cox was born in 1962 in Manchester. Going to DJ'ing with his family's choices at home and a pleasant atmosphere, Carl creates his first mixes of 45 soul LPs, creating determinants. Carl Cox, who managed to entertain the crowd in his house, later said in an interview, “My first musical events were with Booker TG MGs, Aretha Franklin, and of course Elvis. I was mixing up my family's 45s from the 70s and entertaining everyone. I think it's my passion about primary education and educating people to educate".

The successful DJ, who was only 15 years old with his first record player, started DJing in 1985. 'Soul' is in the '80s 'Hiphop' and 'Disco' is in the '80s when they moved to Brighton in the second house, 'British dj's in the 70's and 'Soul' in the 80's. Carl Cox was starting work in large organizations and organizations...

Played in the Shoom clubs, the second most important club in the English school after the world, to Brighton in 1986. After Shoom 3 deck facilities at 'Sunrise Fest' immediately with the public this technique was their first consumer. It's in a hands-on situation in Carlx's eyes as he becomes the first DJ to use this tool.

Carl Cox, who stepped into production in 1992 when he was at the top of his career as a DJ, signed with Perfecto, the organization of Paul Oakenfold, and released his first hit, "I Want You (Forever)". After the single "Does It Feel Good to You", which was released after this single, which reached 23rd place in the UK hot-list ranking and then took Carl to the Top of the Pops, he received great applause, and he started his own record label, Worldwide Ultimatum, and internationally. He founded Ultimate, a dj agency.

Perhaps the most special memory of the DJ, who has played to millions of people until today, is that he entered the millennium twice by flying to Honolulu, Hawaii, after playing at the Bondi Beach Pavilion in Sydney in December 31, 1999. We can say that Carl Cox has been blessed to witness an event that will come once in a thousand years.

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