Beşiktaş is at the Arena of the Giants!

13 Sep 2021 biletwise
Beşiktaş is at the Arena of the Giants!


Beşiktaş, the champion of the last season of the Super League, will host Borussia Dortmund at Vodafone Park on Wednesday evening for the first match of the Champions League. Before this match, Beşiktaş has displayed an impressive performance in the domestic league so far.

Boosting up their fans’ excitement with bold transfers before the new season, the first match of the black-and-whites at the arena of the giants is already among the games for which everyone is holding their breath. It is a big question mark with what kind of a result Dortmund, who has Norwegian striker Erling Haaland, will leave Istanbul. Although Dortmund seems to be the favorite, in theory, Black Eagles, who have strengthened themselves by transferring names like Ghezzall, Pjanic, Batshuayi, must be specially preparing for this match. Beşiktaş has become one of the strongest candidates for the championship in the Super League this season with 3 wins and 1 draw and hasn’t conceded a goal to its opponents in 4 games. Now they are back in the Champions League after having a break for a few years and aim to start their Champions League journey with a win and make their fans have a good evening.  Considering all those valuable names on the offensive line of both teams, we can easily see that the match is going to be a football feast for us.

Besiktas fans, who turned Vodafone Park into a living hell for Leipzig, another German team, in the season Beşiktaş emerged as the undefeated leader of the Champions League groups,  are also eagerly waiting for Dortmund. We all are looking forward to seeing how Çarşı, world-famous supporters group of Beşiktaş, who create enormous pressure on the rival team they even deafened Werner in the Leipzig match will support their team during this match.

The football Beşiktaş displayed against Yeni Malatyaspor, which they faced in the Super League for the last time, was admired by everyone. On the other hand, Black Eagles have two important names missing before the Dortmund match: One of them is Vida, the backbone of the defense, and the other is Alex Teixeira, one of the significant transfers of the season. We will wait and see how the coach Sergen Yalçın will build the squad in the absence of these two players.

We really hope that you do not miss this match which offers us the opportunity to see everything in the name of football on the field.  We will hear that legendary song played again, and it is going to be a delightful evening. The excitement is at its peak, the champions!

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