Barcelona Performs Without Messi!

13 Aug 2021 Barcelona Performs Without Messi!
Barcelona Performs Without Messi!


His Barcelona career filled with countless matches and countless successes has recently come to an end for Messi. Of course, it is a brand new season outside of the ordinary in Barcelona. Easier said than done does not have a Messi who has been wearing his jersey for years and has achieved countless successes and even records. Although this separation will not be forgotten for the Catalan team, it is now time to say hello to the new season either this or that way.

We talked about the absence of Messi, in fact, what everyone is wondering about is how they will be on the field in the new season after that absence. Which player will take the lead in the field, and on which name the game will be established are some of the issues that we football fans are most curious about. What should Barcelona do after the championship that was left to Atletico Madrid last season, with which players should they fill that gap so that they can forget both last year and Messi? While you are reading these lines, we seem to hear that you are trying to shape the Barcelona squad in the first match of the new season. Apart from Messi's separation from the team, there are also important injuries in the Catalan team. There are exactly 7 missing from the new season staff, especially the net keeper Ter Stegen and their new transfer Agüero and they probably won't be able to play against Real Sociedad in the first game of the season. Although we talk about the shortcomings, Memphis Depay transferred from Lyon will breathe new life into Barcelona's offensive line. His agile feet and fast structure make it very difficult for the opposing defenders.

If you wish, let's take a look at Real Sociedad, who will face Barcelona in the first game of the season. Don't you think it was one of the flash teams of last season? When we look at it today, it is possible to see a Sociedad that did not spoil the squad of last season. It is obvious that the team under the management of Imanol Alguacil will take place in the category of La Liga's pointed teams this season, putting it above last season. They will show what a devastating team they are to a heavily injured Barcelona before the season starts. Another great game is on the way. Don't miss out!

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