A Breathtaking Duel in England!

14 Sep 2021 biletwise
A Breathtaking Duel in England!


In the first week of the Champions League, important matches await us. One of them is the Liverpool - Milan match, which will be played at Anfield on Wednesday evening.

As you may remember, Liverpool and Milan played against each other two times in the European arena, and both were in the Champions League finals. Well, until today. The British team, which had defeated Milan on penalties in 2005, lost 2-1 to their opponent at the end of regular time in 2007. Especially the final, which they played in Istanbul Atatürk Olympic Stadium in 2005, was a great football experience for us, and we also witnessed an incredible comeback. We think that, like us football fans, the supporters of both teams still remember this match. In the first half, Milan had taken a 3-0 lead, two goals by Crespo and one by Maldini, and Liverpool had leveled the score in 6 minutes with the goals of Gerrard, Smicer, and Alonso, who took the field by storm in the second half. It was truly incredible. Even as we write these lines, we go back to those days and feel the thrill of those moments.

If we take a look at the recent statistics of the two teams in Europe, we can see that Liverpool failed to win the last two games in which they hosted the Italian teams. We should also note that only two teams have won more Champions League games than Liverpool (25) since the 2017/2018 season. One of them is Bayern Munich with 31 games, and the other is the Manchester City team with 30 games. There are only three players who have scored 25+ goals, including Mohamed Salah (25), who has been playing for Liverpool since the same season, Robert Lewandowski (33) playing for Bayern Munich, and Cristiano Ronaldo (29), who returned to Manchester United this season. On the other hand, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who plays for Milan, is the player who has scored goals for the most clubs in the history of the Champions League. These clubs are PSG, Milan, Ajax, Juventus, Inter, and Barcelona.

The Liverpool - Milan match, which will be the stage for very remarkable moments on Wednesday evening, will perhaps be one of the extra-special games of the night due to the adventures between the two teams in the past. One of the teams is Liverpool, and the other is Milan, the location is England, the field is suitable for playing football. A wonderful night awaits us.

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