2020-2021 Champions League Final

06 May 2021 biletwise
2020-2021 Champions League Final

If the texture of a city lives with football, days can pass like years when their city hosts one of the biggest tournaments, especially the 'Champions League'. Hosting the Champions League for the first time in 2005, Istanbul Atatürk Olympic Stadium on 29 May 2021 Saturday will once again host for the final match. After the previous season's champion Bayern Münich, this year, on one side Manchester City with Pep Guardiola, the 2018-2019 Premier League Champion, on the other side 2011-2012 Champions League Champion Chelsea will compete for the Champions League Cup in Istanbul.

The 2005 Liverpool vs Milan Final match, considered one of the best finals in the Champions League. Is it possible to forget? Liverpool vs Milan Final match in 2005 considered one of the best finals in the Champions League. With the excellent game of Milan, they scored 3 goals in the first half. Liverpool fans have said 'This is over'. But there was a spark called that wouldn't keep it quiet, it was Liverpool. With Djibril Cissé, Steven Gerrard, Milan Baros, Harry Kewell, Liverpool did not give up. When they settle the score to 3-3, Milan felt the cold wind of the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. As a result of the extra time, the score did not change and Milan was losing to Liverpool in Istanbul as the British announcers said, "What a comeback!" It was the most scoring final match in the Champions League History. Istanbul brought luck to Liverpool, Liverpool became the conqueror of Istanbul!

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The final games of the last 20 years were as follows:

19/20    PSG                        0:1    Bayern Münich    
18/19    Tottenham Hotspur    0:2    Liverpool    
17/18    Real Madrid              3:1    Liverpool    
16/17    Juventus                   1:4    Real Madrid    
15/16    Real Madrid              6:4 P.s.    Atlético Madrid    
14/15    Juventus                  1:3    Barcelona
13/14    Real Madrid              4:1 U.s.     Atlético Madrid    
12/13    Borussia Dortmund    1:2       Bayern Münih
11/12    Bayern Münih            4:5 P.s.    Chelsea
10/11    Barcelona                  3:1    Manchester United
09/10    FC Internazionale      2:0    Bayern Münih     
08/09    Barcelona                 2:0    Manchester United    
07/08    Manchester United    6:5 P.s.    Chelsea    
06/07    Liverpool                  1:2    Milan    
05/06    Barcelona                2:1    Arsenal    
04/05    Milan                       5:6 P.s.    Liverpool    
03/04    Monaco                    0:3    FC Porto    
02/03    Juventus                  2:3 P.s.    Milan AC    
01/02    Bayer Leverkusen     1:2    Real Madrid    
00/01    Bayern Münih          5:4 P.s.    Valencia
99/00    Real Madrid             3:0    Valencia