Philharmonic Orchesta Tickets

Philharmonic Orchesta Tickets

Relatively small orchestras of fifty or fewer musicians may be called chamber orchestras. A full staff orchestra consists of about 100 people and may be referred to as the symphony orchestra or the Philharmonic Orchestra. There is no definite distinction between these two names that conveys the characteristics of the orchestra. However, different denominations can be used to distinguish two orchestras based in the same city (for example, Istanbul Symphony Orchestra and Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra). Orchestras can be used with the choir, while accompanying a soloist in some works. Each instrument group has different technical characteristics, timbre and importance. The composer uses the subject or emotions he wants to express in the closest way, within a certain technical knowledge and logic, according to the tones or playing techniques of these instruments.
Since the word philharmonic is a word that means music lovers, orchestras that are not public but supported by "music-loving" people, communities, institutions or foundations were called philharmonic orchestras, while those supported by public institutions and organizations were called symphony orchestras.
The philharmonic orchestra can be briefly defined as the orchestras founded-financed by foundations and private sector.

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